MISSISSIPPI – Where Dogs Can Be Dogs and Cyclists Can Be Nervous: Fri, May 19

MISSISSIPPI – Where Dogs Can Be Dogs and Cyclists Can Be Nervous: Fri, May 19th
Bogalusa, LA to Wiggins, MS – 61 miles (100kms)


“I’ve really had it with my dog,” said the Mississippi guy to his neighbor. “He’ll chase anyone on a bicycle”

“Hmmm, that is a problem,” said the neighbor. “What are you thinking of doing about it?”

“Guess the only answer is to confiscate his bike!”


There are dogs in Mississippi. Big dogs with ‘I would like to eat you sized teeth’. Medium sized dogs that can run like the wind and nip like a mosquito in heat. Little yappy dogs that can jump out from nowhere and be straight in front of your front wheel in the bat of an eye.

I just seems like EVERYONE here has a dog and virtually none of them are contained behind a fence. As a result, I have spent a considerable portion of my day keeping myself from being torn from limb to limb.

Of course I am dramatizing this a wee bit but these damn out of control dogs are a big nucience. It seems that nobody in Mississippi cares it their dogs bite and I finally discovered why.

Mississippi dog bite laws tell the people that it is okay for their dog to bite someone, once. That they are not responsible for it. That there is no consequence when it happens. That they can look the other way. Shrug it off. Forget about it.

Then I saw these folks and I truly understood why these Mississippi folk don’t worry about the dogs on the road. Hell, the dogs would never be able to reach them.


Tomorrow we’re off to Moss Point, Mississippi – 72 miles. Later”……

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Cher Reynolds was born in the United States. She now resides with her husband in Auckland, New Zealand.
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  1. Marilou says:

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  2. Billi Kraft says:

    Love your blog. Worried about the dogs, but know you can out poodle ….I mean, peddle them. Sending you protective hugs. Love ya sis.

  3. Gene says:

    Way to go cuz , there are two options to deal with the dog issue , they are very complicated but I have listed them:

    1. PEDDLE FASTER , they will get someone slower than you.

    2, Wear boots with a steel toe and shank , do not panic , let them have taste of your boots and when I say taste , I mean all the way up to the ankle , trust me they will be full , and will not want a second bite?

  4. Dave Lamb says:

    Well done babe… Your blog is the best…keep it up!

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