Crawfordville – It’s Life Jim But Not As We Know It – Sunday, April 28

Crawfordville – It’s Life Jim But Not As We Know It – Sunday, April 28
Marianna to Quincy 54 miles
Quincy to Crawfordville 48 miles

If you put on your specs and take a really close look at the map you can see a RED DOT. That ‘s Crawfordville.

Today was a day off and Wakulla Springs State Park is nearly spitting distance from our hotel outside Crawfordville so I spent the day with some most unusual critters. This is where all the Tarzan movies were filmed as well as one of my favorite horror films, the Creature From The Black Lagoon”.

Let me know if you remember this film. It was so kitch/bad/awful it is still sought out by crazies like myself today.

It’s mating season so this lovely couple is fixin’ to have a bit of fun. Turtle coupling can be like a roller coaster ride for the male. The males have claws so that they can hold on – truly.

Lots and lots of alligators reside in these springs too. We saw 5 of them a stones throw from the designated swimming area. I guess these creatures are entitled to some fast food too.

There was one last furry friend sited today? Ain’t she cute

Only 4 more riding days left. Can hardly believe it. Enough for now. As usual it will be an Eat, Ride, Sleep Day.

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Cher Reynolds was born in the United States. She now resides with her husband in Auckland, New Zealand.
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6 Responses to Crawfordville – It’s Life Jim But Not As We Know It – Sunday, April 28

  1. Billi Kraft says:

    Woo-Hooooo!!!! I am picturing you cycling to the finish line, breaking the finish ribbon, and the crowd roaring. You DO have a crowd roaring…..”YOU DID IT!!”…I hope you can hear us yell, “Cher, Cher, Cher!!”
    Well done, my wonderful amazing sis. Well done!!
    Love you!!

  2. Ted and Jac says:

    Thought the furry critter photo was great. Big beautiful expressive eyes. Loved it. Not so much the alligators. I prefer to keep several hundred miles away from them personally. Today you must be cycling towards the tours final destination and the celebratory bubbles. Are you now joining Wiggo on the tour of Italy?

    Big well done and hugs,
    Ted and Jacxxx

  3. Billi Kraft says:

    Absolutely have loved your blog. Always leave me wanting more; never boring. And your pics are great. Wondering how you got the turtles to pose for you….sang them a love song? Glad you were no closer to the alligators. They are professional runners, not cyclists. You are almost done!!!! Well done, my fantastic sis!!! Love you.

  4. Nicola Schaab says:

    Love those critters Cher! Fancy – you’re nearly done! That is amazing. Next week you will be able to get up in the morning and not have to think about a bike! Bet that will be really weird! Looking forward to seeing you home. Enjoy your last days with your Buddies. N

  5. Dave Lamb says:

    Where do you keep finding these great titles for you posts? I love ‘em!

  6. Bonnie Robb says:

    Wahoo for the mating turtles!

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