Cher’s Cycle Trip Across America

How it all Began

May 1976 – Seattle USA

Sitting in the staff room on yet another wet and rainy day in Seattle, over 30 years ago, a conversation was taking place that was hard for me to believe.  Rita, a fellow teacher, uttered the word “Cycling”.  ”Cycling”, I heard it again. Immediately, my ears perked up.  Hey, this woman had my attention.

Scooting my chair over to hear her better, I soon learned that she had some friends that planned to ride their bicycles across the States.  At first I thought she said, “State” and was suitably impressed.  Impressed by them riding from Neah Bay to the Idaho border. That must be close to 600 miles I thought. What a trip! But I was terribly wrong.

Actually, Rita’s friends were riding across “The States”. That’s the United States of America.  That’s from sea to shining sea.  What’s more, that’s a hell of a long way.

Even more fascinating was that these crazy cyclists were going to pedal their way across the length of America during Summer Vacation.  That’s only 3 months.

Hey, I thought, a trip like that would be the adventure of a lifetime.  Just think of all the places you could REALLY see.  Just think of all the people you could sit and tell lies with and even share a beer.

If ‘they’ could do it, I certainly could.  Perhaps I’d do it the summer of 1977.  Yeah, I’d do it then.  But did I do it that summer? Nope, I left for New Zealand instead.

January 2012 – Auckland, New Zealand

“Linda, I signed up, I sent my deposit, I’m going on the trip across the USA in 2013 come hell or high water.” That’s more or  less what my email to Linda Smith said way back in January. Let me explain………

You see, I now live in New Zealand where I have been living most of my life since that summer way back in 1977.   Life, for sure, is different now.  I’m older and that means I’m suppose to be wiser (as I have to keep reminding my husband – ha!). Unfortunately it also means that I’m certainly not as able bodied as I was in my twenties.  But a wish in youth is no less a wish 35 years later.

So when Linda initially mentioned travelling across America via the Southern Tier Route with Womans Tours she, like Rita so many years before, had my attention.

The difference is this time I believe I’m wise enough to know that we are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.

Being older, I know that just having a wish isn’t enough. To make it happen I certainly have to work for it. I know I’m not just going to be able to hop on a bike and hope to get fit enough, quickly enough, to pedal  3,040 miles from San Diego to St Augustine Flordia in 58 days without doing some serious training ahead of time.

As a result this web site was born. It was conceived to share my story with others as well as to keep me on track before and during my Crossing America in 2013.

Cher Reynolds

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77 Responses to HOME

  1. Max Thomson says:

    Hi Crazy girl,
    I borrowed a bike from someone at Orewa today and cycled around the Te Ara Tahuna Cycleway and it’s 7.5km long – bet you can’t beat that!
    …. and my legs and butt are still sore…. :-) You must have thighs of steel with all that peddling! Hang in there Cyclechick, I’ve got a Green Drink waiting for you and Linda when you get back.

  2. ANN PASS says:

    Hi Cher! What a fantastic adventure – can’t wait to hear all about it over a few port and lemons! You are so fit and so crazy and we love you!! Thinking of you and cheering you on – love Ann and Andy xxx

  3. Ron & Iris Taylor says:

    Hi Cher, How are you going? Hope all is well. Really interesting to follow you! Luv, Iris and Ron.

  4. Kate says:

    Al just chatted to Dave and we learned about your blog. I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about what you are doing over there, Cher, to say nothing of the pressure sores I have that I’ve got in sympathy! Only mine are from sitting too long getting lost in your blog…not from doing something as amazing as you are doing. We’re thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful rest of your trip. If you listen carefully you’ll hear some distant noises coming from behind you…that’s us in NZ yelling as loudly as we can cheering you on! Missed you on Saturday but we look forward to hearing about your adventures soon. Stay safe and have fun! Lots of love, Kate & Al xo

    • Cher says:

      Hey Kate, It’s fantastic to hear from you. I did hear a wee cheer section in the background cheering me on…..or was it the wind….or was I on another lonely road in Texas going a wee bit potty. Or perhaps is was all of these :-) . Hugs to you and Al. xxoo

  5. Cheri says:

    You are my hero….. I love your courage (combined with your craziness)!

    • Cher says:

      Hey Cheri, So sorry that I couldn’t really speak to you the other night. We’re to bed EARLY and then up at the sound of “sparrow’s fart”. (Yep, not the most lovely Kiwi expression but it is a bit of fun). Dave said that he had a great time catching up with you and that you gave him the royal treatment. Maybe someday we can all get togehter totell a few lies and belly laugh. Thanks for your note – it meant alot. Lots of Love

  6. Gene says:

    I know there have got to be some nasty blisters somewhere cuz? Let me ponder that a moment , wow I thought Batman was tough , you aren’t really that masked Catwoman are you?

  7. Gaye Adsett says:

    Keep going girl. You are doing great.

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